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At one time breastfeeding was so hard we quit. Now, I can't image life without breastfeeding my baby.

mother love

New moms... ALL moms-need support. You know your baby best and you are the expert of your baby.


Mother's milk is SO much more than just food!

IBCLC journey

After graduating in a different field, I found my true passion and started a new educational journey.

New Internship at the Hospital

Yesterday was my first day interning with the IBCLC at the hospital! It beat my expectations, both in a good way and a funny way! Melissa had already been there a week before, so Melissa and my IBCLC supervisor showed me the ropes and we did some rounds getting status of the mothers and babies Continue Reading

Last semester, last step to becoming IBCLC!

Some changes are happening! If you have been following from the beginning, you know that most of my blog was based off personal experiences or daily life with baby…but as my journey to becoming IBCLC gets down to the wire, I am re-directing my “blog” to be more of an online resource. I’m sure many Continue Reading

Weaning my 3 year old

I really can’t believe this day is here. Well, technically two days ago. On Monday April 14th, Owen stopped nursing, and didn’t nurse all day for the first time in three years. Can I have a little “I told you so” moment for all the people who told me he would be nursing forever? Ok, Continue Reading

Dealing with oversupply while breastfeeding

So although undersupply would definitely seem like the more challenging situation, oversupply while breastfeeding is really just as hard of a problem when your breastfeeding. If you haven’t felt with oversupply, imagine those few days you were engorged(maybe you didn’t even get engorged) just a few days after you had your baby, except those days Continue Reading

Breastfeeding for the first time, the second time around

This deserves its own post, separate from Sophie’s birth story because it was really the first time I experienced breastfeeding at this stage(Owen didn’t latch on until he was six weeks old, the first two weeks we used a nipple shield and that was what he touched/latched onto). Right after birth, Sophie loved laying right Continue Reading

Sophie’s Birth Story

I remember sitting in the playroom of my old house, telling my friend Jenni that there was no way I could ever have a home birth, unless I could get an epidural! That was because Owen’s birth was started with three days of prodromal labor, back labor, that was very disorganized, followed by multiple trips Continue Reading

Tandem Breastfeeding (Breastfeeding a Toddler and a newborn)

So we have come a long way, haven’t we? This is coming from the girl who was only going to breastfeed her baby boy until he got his teeth! Here we are, 2.5 years, re-lactation, IBCLC in progress, and ANOTHER baby (girl :} ) later…and I’m breastfeeding them both. How did we get here self? Continue Reading

Local Support

Alas, the time has come to put some words into action! What is the best way to help other mothers succeed at breastfeeding? Is it teaching technical manuevers in the prenatal stage so mom knows how to put baby to the breast after birth? Is it ongoing support after baby is born so if difficulties Continue Reading

Halfway through the first Semester, Halfway through the second pregnancy!

It’s been a long time! Graduate school really does take up a lot of my time now a days! We actually had to hire a babysitter (who we ADORE) who comes twice a week for three hours a time. She brings her little girl who is about 7 months younger than Owen, and they have Continue Reading

Thesis talk

This may be a bore for some of you, but some of you might find it interesting! I’m throwing around ideas for my thesis and of course I would love something I’m going through right now to be my focus, what could be more interesting than finding my own answers to my own questions?! So Continue Reading

what I’m about

I've formula fed and breastfed, bottle fed breast milk and nursed through a nipple shield. I've had recurring mastitis and plugged ducts a baby that took six weeks to latch and re-lactated-then I turned my career into helping other mothers breastfeed. I hope my experiences can lead you into a blissfully happy relationship just as I have found with my babies.

The postpartum period doesn't get a lot of attention with most care providers. Some new moms think it will be about the new baby, balloons and visitors, just like I did. Really, the postpartum days and weeks are about falling in love with and getting to know your baby, in the most intimate way possible. Many friends, family members and providers may mean well, but actually do a lot of damage to the new breastfeeding couple. Finding an expert in breastfeeding can answer your questions with evidence based research. Come on out the first Thursday of every month! Breastfeeding Mothers Miami